Which lunch menu in Tokyo do you recommend that would be about 1000 yen?

Soup Stock Tokyo for a simple but heartwarming lunch!

When I want a quick but delicious and heartwarming lunch, I often go to Soup Stock Tokyo, a restaurant that specializes in soups and curries from all over the world. This chain restaurant all around Japan is easily accessible, because they have restaurants in major stations and malls. I usually get the 900 yen Soup Stock Set, in which I can pick two types of soups from the array of about five to ten soups (depending on the time of day) and rice or bread. I love it here, because the soups are constantly being made in the kitchen and therefore taste fresh. The restaurant is famous for their Borscht soup, by they have a whole range of other delicious soups such as the Samgyetang, Omar shrimp soup and mushroom and beef curry.

The restaurant is also a great place to just sit down, eat and talk with friends and family, because of its relaxing atmosphere. Definitely go to Soup Stock Tokyo for a relaxing lunch (breakfast, lunch and dinner prices are the same so feel free to go for other meals, as well)!

by RieS

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