What are Japanese methods for footcare?

Enjoy a Shiatsu Massage and Great Scenery at Enoshima Island, Japan

Mount Fuji Scenery and Full-On Spa Experience

Shiatsu massage (finger pressure massage) is a traditional Japanese massage in which the practitioner uses his or her fingers and palms to put pressure on different parts of the body. A shiatsu massage can be done all over the body but my favorite is the Shiatsu foot massage. Feet have multiple nerve endings which feel good when stimulated. I did a Shiatsu foot massage at a spa called Enoshima Island Spa on Enoshima Island, about 1 hour from Tokyo towards Yokohama, and it was amazing. Although it was only a 20 minute massage, it put me in that relaxing state being half a sleep. I'm sure you can receive a shiatsu foot massage at other places in Tokyo but I highly recommend the one at Enoshima Island Spa. Not only is the massage great, the entire spa experience is something you can't find easily in the Tokyo area. Heated pools are built right on the shore line and you have a spectacular of the Pacific Ocean with Mount Fuji in the background. Definitely visit Enoshima Island Spa for an amazing spa experience and a Shiatsu foot massage o your trip to Japan!

by GenS

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