Please give us some tips on unique Japanese food to be found in Tokyo.

DEFINITELY eat at Ginza Isomura!

One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Japan is called Ginza Isomura; there is one in Ginza and two in Kannai/Bashamichi. They are famous for their kushiage, which are fresh meat, fish or vegetables deep fried on a stick. However, it is not as heavy as you may think! I love going for lunches, because they are reasonable (around 1,000yen) and delicious. They also have a large variety of vegetables in the set, so eating here is a healthy choice! With your kushiage, they give you tsukemono (pickled vegetables), cabbage, rice and miso soup. You can get free refills of the rice and miso soup so definitely eat/drink them with your delicious meal!

by RieS

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