Where are some nice places to go drive to in the Tokyo area?

Romantic Night Drive to Yokohama, Japan

Great Scenery for Couples

One of the most popular drives from Tokyo among couples is to the beautiful port city of Yokohama. The drive will only take you about 30 minutes one way and the views are spectacular. Yokohama is known to have one of the best views at night. Start in Tokyo towards Yokohama on the Shuto Expressway that runs parallel to route 1. Get off the highway at Yokohama or Minatomirai and spend some time exploring the bay area. Make your way to the motomachi area. There is a hidden scenic point you can get to by motomachi. First make your way to motomachi chukagai station and head up the hill to minato no mieru oka park. The view from there is also nice but keep going down the road to the Korean Consulate. A little past the consulate, a beautiful view of Yokohama Bay, the shipyard, and Yokohama Bay Bridge will emerge. Not many people know about this spot and so you will get some privacy! Enjoy some time there and then head down Washin-zaka to Honmoku. You could explore the area and then head back towards the highway. On your way back, you should take the "Wangan-sen" (the Bayshore Route). This will take you across the Bay Bridge and over many land-filled areas, right along the Bay. You will pass by Haneda Airport and many factories, lit up at night. A drive to Yokohama at night should be very exciting!

by GenS

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