Which T.V. shows do you recommend?

Love J-pop? Watch Music Station!

Every Friday at 8pm, I look forward to watching Music Station, an hour long show dedicated to J-pop. Here, about five to ten popular Japanese singers perform their new songs and new J-pop artists are introduced. Also, singers and groups from overseas, such as the US, Canada, Korea and Britain, have performed on this show! I love watching this show not only to catch up on Japanese music, but also for entertainment. There is also a Q&A session in which people ask questions for the guest singers online and the singers answer them on the TV show! It is interesting to find out what Japanese singers do!

Every season, they have specials that last from two to four hours. The biggest is the Christmas special, in which about fifty of the hottest singers in Japan gather to entertain the whole country!

by RieS

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