How do I buy tickets for sporting events?

Where to Buy Tickets in Japan?

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Purchasing a ticket for a sporting event is easy in Japan. Unlike in the states, you cannot print out your ticket at home. Everything is usually done at a convenience store. You can either buy a ticket online and then visit a convenience store to print your ticket and make the payment or you can just purchase the ticket directly at the convenience store. Just go to one of the major ones (lawson, seven-eleven, family mart, or sankus), and look for the ticket machine (usually next to the printer). At seven-eleven, you purchase tickets on the printer itself. The ticket machine will have clear guidance in English so just make sure to press the "ENGLISH" botton. You print a piece of paper out at the printer and then take it to the register where you make your payment to receive the actual tickets. Its a very easy process!

by GenS

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