What is the best way to get to Tokyo from Haneda airport?

What is Japan's Transportation Like?

Monorail? Train? Bus? Which mode of transportation do I take in Japan?

The answer to this question really depends on where in Tokyo you ant to go to. If you want to get to the Shinagawa area or anywhere on the Keikyu and Asakusa lines, you should take the Keikyu line. It only takes about 15 minutes to Shinagawa. The Tokyo monorail will get you to the Hamamatsu-cho area, also in about 15 minutes. Both options have similar prices. Personally I recommend the Monorail just because the view is better and t of a monorail is cool. Finally, buses will take you pretty much to any part of Tokyo. If you don't want to deal with train transfers, you should use the bus. Buses are non-stop and will take you directly to your destination. Generally though, the train is cheaper, although it depends on where you are going.

by GenS

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