What can you tell me about watching Kabuki theater?

Kabukiza - don't worry about the language barrier!

Watching a Kabuki performance is an excellent experience. At Kabukiza (a Kabuki theater in Ginza), you will be able to enjoy old-Japanese theater in a newly renovated and modern building! As Kabuki performances can be very popular, I recommend you to purchase a ticket online, so that you can secure your seats. When I went to see a performance, I sat along the hanamichi, which is a walkway for dramatic entrances and exits. This is probably one of the best seats in the theater, because you can experience the tension and are not that far away from the main stage.

Also, do not be intimidated by the fact that the performances are in Japanese! Even as a Japanese speaker, I had difficulties in understanding the old Japanese language used in the Kabuki music. Also, Kabukiza offers English earphone guides that explains the storyline during the performance. They also describe the culture of Kabuki, including the music, dance and stories - a recommendation if you really want to understand the Kabuki culture!

There is also so much to do in Kabukiza other than watching the performance. Visit some of the souvenir stores and restaurants in the building! I bought a gold omamori (Japanese amulets) in the shape of a kanazuchi hammer; this is said to bring good luck and is only sold at Kabukiza!

by RieS

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