What are some unique services at Japanese lodging facilities?

Experience the Unique Joy of a Traditional Japanese Hotel

Hotels and Hot springs in Japan

If you stay at a ryokan (traditional japanese-style hotel), you will come across many unique services. The two I enjoy the most are the baths and the yukata. Any ryokan will have a large bath for all of the customers to share. The bigger ryokan will have an actual hotspring while others may just have a large bath with regular water heated (sento). In either case, it is very relaxing and refreshing to soak for a while in a large bath. At a ryokan, you will also be provided with a yukata. A yukata is a type of traditional Japanese clothing and it is very loose and comfortable. Wearing a yukata after soaking in a warm bath, drinking some cold milk and playing table tennis is the typical way to the couple hours before bedtime at a ryokan.

by GenS

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