What are the different types of lodging facilities in Tokyo?

2000 Yen: One Night, Unlimited Manga

For All Manga Lovers

It is debatable as to whether a manga kissa can be considered a "lodging facility". The original idea of a manga kissa began as a cafe where you can relax and read manga. Now, you can pretty much do anything at a manga kissa. First of all, you are assigned a comfortable and private little booth with a TV and a computer, which becomes your home base. Then you can use all of the facilities which always include thousands of manga, movies, games, and magazines, and usually showers, free drinks and arcade games. The booth you are assigned to has a comfortable mattress, perfect for sleeping. This is why many locals here, including myself, use manga kissa as a cheap alternative to a hotel. Staying at one will definitely be a once in a lifetime, deeeeeep japan experience. Highly recommended! (one night will usually cost you only about 2000 yen)

by GenS

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