What are some nice walks I can take in Tokyo?

Enjoy a relaxing walk along Japan's famous Diet Building

Leisurely walks by one of Japan's greatest government building

It just so happened I had a meeting near Kokkai Gijido Mae station (Marunouchi Line) the other day and was absolutely amazed with how peaceful, beautiful and relaxing the area was for my jaunt to the event location. It was around 6 p.m. on a weekday evening and since most government offices are in the neighborhood and a lot of people leave around 5 p.m., the only people along the street in front of the main entrance of the Diet building were myself and the guardsmen. The trees are large and ancient here, the roads are less-travelled than you expect and the bright blue evening sky behind the Diet building was really lovely. I could imagine a walk starting at Kokkai Gijido Mae station all the way to the Kojimachi area to enjoy the cafes and small restaurants there. Yes, quiet and subtle...right in the center of this bustling Metropolis. I came out Exit 2 and walked to my left and around in front of the Diet building and straight ahead to Kioicho and through to Kojimachi. 533@000650">http://chizu.tokyometro.jp/mapPano.php?exitid=533@000650

by RuthieJ

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