What shopping street in Tokyo do you recommend?

Step into Old Tokyo

I recommend taking a stroll through Edogawabashi, on the Yuurakucho line. It is not exactly gorgeous like the shopping streets of Ginza in Tokyo, or Kannai in Yokohama, but it has an unmistakable old Tokyo feel to it. "Shoppy" Japanese tunes play over the tall speaker posts lining the street, and small bars and shops are always filled with jolly locals. This place will give you a really good idea of the more traditional layout for shopping streets. Small parks are even off to the sides of the main shopping area with public bathrooms and playgrounds to keep children occupied. You really don't have to go far to see everything the district has to offer, but there are always hidden gems just off to the side of the main street. I even have a friend who runs a dining bar in the area. The Green Amy Cafe

by KurtisW

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