Which beaches near Tokyo do you recommend?

Family-Friendly Zushi Beach in Japan

A Beach Day Trip that is Great for Children and Families

I recommend Zushi beach in Kanagawa prefecture. It only takes about 1 hour from Tokyo on the Yokosuka line and I was actually there yesterday! Although the transparency of the water can't really be compared to beaches you would find in Okinawa or Hawaii, the water is swimmable. Also, unlike most of the beaches in the Shonan area, Zushi often has some fun swells. The waves have pretty much no force but they're fun just to float in. Like most other beaches in the area, though, there is a lot of seaweed and later in the summer, also jellyfish. A good thing about Zushi is that during the summer, it has free showers which run at specific times. If you want to stay in the Tokyo area but still want to swim, I recommend Zushi beach. Just don't expect much and you will enjoy it!

by GenS

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