Tell us your favorite places for concerts and shows in Tokyo.

Classical music at Minato Mirai Hall

As a classical-music lover, I love attending orchestral performances and piano concerts. The Minato Mirai Hall is a great place to watch performances of both amateur and professional performances by famous musicians from Japan and around the world. The Minato Mirai Hall is in Queens Square, the mall where Minatomirai Station connects to.

Last New Year's Eve, I spent the night with my family by going to the Sylverster Concert. It was the most amazing concert I've been to! I definitely recommend you to attend this concert (remember to buy the tickets ahead of time!). It's so cool because one of the piece ends right at midnight!

The Minatomirai Hall is also famous for their pipe organ, named "Lucy." On Christmas Eve, I went to a pipe-organ concert. It was wonderful! I suggest you to go to a pipe organ concert, as well!

by RieS

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