Where do Internationals like to hang out in Tokyo?

Go to Hard Rock Cafe!

If you are not in the mood for dancing and just want to relax with a couple of friends, I recommend going to Hard Rock Cafe. There is one in Roppongi and Minatomirai. Many foreigners eat dinner or drink at the bar, so Hard Rock Cafe is also a great place to meet foreigners who may be living or visiting Japan!

Roppongi and Minatomirai is a great tourist area, as there are famous sightseeing spots, shopping malls and events. This is a great restaurant to stop-by at night! The restaurant is English-friendly with English menus and some waiters who can speak English, so no need to worry about the language barrier! If you miss American food or want to meet foreigners in Japan, this is the place to go!

by RieS

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