What Japanese television shows do you recommend?

Funniest Japanese Show in Japan: Itte-Q

Comedians in Japan are Hilarious. Find out why.

If you're interested in japanese TV, Itte-Q is the show to watch. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the show should be entertaining. Its on Channel 4 from 8pm every sunday. On the show, they do different things every time but the basic concept is that the comedians and celebrities on the show travel to different countries and participate in different activities and projects. For example, one of the activities they do is a female comedian trio called "morisanchu" goes looking for good hot springs in different countries. On the way, they eat the food in the country and sometimes go to amusement parks to do extreme rides. The show is really entertaining and you just have to watch t once to get it. I hope you will try watching it on your visit to Japan!

by GenS

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