What can you tell me about the Yokosuka Line?

Go to Kamakura Using the Yokosuka Line in Japan

Train Lines in Japan

Living in Hodogaya, a stop on the Yokosuka Line, the Yokosuka Line is one of the trains I ride most frequently. The line itself runs between Yokosuka station in Kanagawa prefecture and Tokyo station. Many of its stops overlap with the Tokaido line but there are many points of distinction. First of all, the Yokosuka line takes a more inland route from Tokyo to Yokohama and so takes a little longer than the Tokaido line. However, since it stops at more stops, it will get you to stations like Hodogaya, where I live, while the Tokaido line just passes by. Also, after Ofuna, the Tokaido line veers West towards Fujisawa and Izu while the Yokosuka line continues South to Yokosuka on the Miura peninsula. The Yokosuka line is a great way to get to the historic, former capital of Japan, Kamakura. One last aspect of the Yokosuka line, which makes it extremely convenient, is that it connects with the Sobu line at Tokyo station to take you deep into Chiba prefecture. The Yokosuka line is the cheapest way to get to Narita Airport on train. It does not take much more time than the Narita Express and is much cheaper.

by GenS

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