What medicine can I buy if I get sick or injured?

How to choose medicines when sick or injured

It depends on the symptoms or conditions, but here are some good general medicines:

* Makiron (マキロン) is a disinfectant; use on cuts, scrapes, or small wounds.

* Oronine (オロナイン) is an ointment with disinfectant properties; use on cuts, scrapes, or small wounds to aid healing.

* Paburon (パブロン) is good general cold medicine; use for cold symptoms including coughing, phlegm, throat pain, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, chills, headache, fever, joint and muscular pain. Available in capsules or tablets.

* Stoppa (ストッパ) is an anti-diarrheal medicine.

* Despa (デスパ, but the package has the name in English) is a medicine for cold sores in the mouth and swollen gums.

* Muhi S(ムヒS) is a cream-based medicien for itchiness, skin irritations, and bug bites.

If you have symptoms of illness and can speak a little Japanese (or get someone to go with you ) most drug stores have a pharmacist on staff who can assist you with choosing the best medicine to deal with your symptoms.

by Andrea Miyata

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