What are the most popular Bento Lunchbox places in Tokyo?

Hott Motto has a good Makunouchi bento series

Hotto Motto is a takeaway bento chain. I've heard "Hotto" has the double meaning of "hot" and "hotto-suru" (to feel relieved). I like their Makunouchi(幕の内) is a popular type of Japanese bento which consists of fish, meat, pickles, eggs and vegetables along with rice and an umeboshi.

Though the selection and number of items in a Makunouchi bento vary from store to store, it often contains more items and costs more than other offerings. But as for Hotto Motto's Makunouchi, I would say their price is reasonable and taste good. Also, please try their Ton-jiru (Pork miso soup) together with bento. They taste really good!

by EmiOnishi

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