Beautiful Japanese Garden, Hama Rikyu Gardens In Japan

Breathtaking Japanese Gardens in Japan

This is my personal favorite historic location in Tokyo. If you want to see the huge gap between modern amazingness and ancient beauty, please visit Hama Rikyu Gardens in Shiodome. You can get off at Shiodome station on the Oedo line and walk underground through a concrete hall of art (there are lights embedded in the cement, the cutest little Tower Records shop you have ever seen and a nice little Sony Plaza store full of tiny beauty-related items that make us ladies go Oooh Nice! and then upstairs to follow the signs to Hamarikyu Gardens.

This was a residence and duck hunting ground during the Edo Period and as you can see from this Japan Guide website photo, the backdrop of ultra-modern and serene history is truly inspiring. I love how this area of Tokyo has been rebuilt yet carefully preserves such amazing Japanese beauty.


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