Where can I participate in a mochi-making "Mochi-tsuki"event?

Mochi-tsuki events

The rice cake making is carried out in a shrine,temple and a martial arts school, local community from about Decenber20 through around January 15.

However, it is not often performed on December 29. This is because there is the jinx that a Japanese avoids a day to arrive of 4 and 9.

Most of the visits of the rice cake making are free. The done rice cake is distributed free
Probably three kinds of flavor will be prepared for.
I wound laver and attached soy sauce. which improves This is called" ISOBE-MAKI".

In addition, ANKO (bean jam) , this are sweet.
Another interesting taste applied a grated radish
Well, let's eat!

I think that the pronunciation of the rice cake making has good MOCHI ー TSUKI.


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