How do you negotiate prices in Japan?

How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices for Japanese Products?

How to get cheaper Japanese products? Can you negotiate prices in Japan?

Well, to be honest, I've been in Japan some 25 years and never negotiated a price. Well, maybe okay, at the electronics store in Akihabara or when buying real estate. I've noticed a big hint that negotiating is possible is when the clerk pulls out a calculator. So, if you sort of hesitate in front of a rice cooker, TV, game console, computer, etc., at any of the big stores like BIC Camera or Yodobashi Camera you might notice a quick flick of the hand and a calculator is pulled from a hidden pocket. The clerk will do a quick re-calculate and show you a new amount. If you still hesitate it might go down just a bit more but not the third time. Remember to look at your friend with a worried look or just look generally worried and tilt your head at an angle to show hesitation. No words necessary. That kind of gesture will produce just a slightly lower price in some cases. But remember, be civil because being unobtrusive and kind will get you very far :)


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