What can you tell me about American football in Japan?

Cute Japanese Cheerleaders part of Japan's semi-professional league, X League

Want to see cute Japanese Cheerleaders? Do you want to see a football game in Japan?

I actually used to cheer for the semi-pro X league back in the day. This was when it was kind of a group of companies that sponsored teams. Now, the sponsors are still there but the whole thing is much better organized (called the X League) and the games and competition are really exciting. From what I understand, each team is allowed several non-Japanese players and many of the coaches are from the US. Obic Seagulls (used to be called Recruit Seagulls and then one I cheered for) is very strong and the final game of the season the "Rice Bowl" where the top semi-pro team plays the top University team is always great. Three of the team hail from my home State Hawaii! Here is the info in English. http://www.seagulls.jp/english/ Catching a game during your stay would really be fun!


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