How should I escape the heat, Japanese style?

Refresh Yourself in a Local Japanese Pool in Japan

Great Summer Things to Do in Japan with Families

In Japan, pools are popular attractions, during the summer season to take a cool dip. In large cities such as Tokyo, there are numerous waterparks with thrilling water slides and wave pools. One such pool is the pool at Toshima-en amusement park, open only during the summer season. Entrance is usually around 3000 yen and you can plan to spend a whole day. The various waterslides and pools will definitely keep you entertained. If you want a more economic option and are not up for the crowd and lines, common at these large water parks, you should use your local community pool. Community pools can be found all over Japan and are usually very cheap (about 400 yen for a day). Living in Yokohama, I often use the Honmoku community pool, known for its size and large water fountain, during the summer. However, beware, even these community pools will be crowded to a certain extent. Don’t underestimate the popularity of pools among Japanese people during the summer. If you want to avoid the crowds, go on a cloudy or even a rainy day. Pools usually remain open under rain as long as there is no thunder but they are so much emptier than on a sunny day.

by GenS

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