Which buildings in Tokyo have the best views?

Beautiful View from the Roppongi Hills Observatory, Tokyo Japan

Great City Views in Tokyo, Japan

Obviously, the views from Tokyo sky tree and Tokyo tower are wonderful. Sky tree is the world’s largest tower being 634m tall. Visiting these two towers, or at least one, is a must.
Personally, though, I enjoy the view from Roppongi Hills. Although it’s not the tallest building in Tokyo, it is situated on a hill and so the observatory is quite high. The view of Tokyo tower from Roppongi Hills is gorgeous, especially at night. Also, a ticket to the observatory gives you entrance into the Mori art museum, which has interesting exhibitions going on all year round. Dinner in Roppongi Hills or even on the observatory floor is very romantic. Roppongi Hills is where I recommend for one of the best view of Tokyo.

by GenS

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