Where and when can I experience Tokyo's morning rush?

3 Tips for Surviving Rush Hour in Japan

Why are the trains so crowded in Tokyo, Japan?

From my point of view, as someone who has to deal with the morning rush every morning, its difficult to understand why anyone would want to experience it. During the morning rush, all the trains and platforms are congested with people. Not only people but many grumpy people who are already in a bad mood for having to wake up early to go to work as they have to do every morning. But if you still want to experience it, just go to any major station and board a train heading into Tokyo. I live in Yokohama and in my area, the platforms at Yokohama station probably get the most crowded. Its actually quite dangerous as you could just be pushed off the platform.
Now for some tips if you plan to participate in Tokyo’s morning rush.
1. Try very hard not to bother others. In Japan, one of the cultural norms is to be conscientious at all times and to avoid interfering with others. So you should make sure your bag is between your legs, not in the way of others, and don’t do things like eating on the train.
2. Try to go as deep into the train as you can. The deeper you go, the more spacious and the less the risk of being pushed off the train.
3. Be careful if you are around a woman. Unfortunately, molesting often takes place during rush hour when the trains are crowded and so if your hand happens to be in the wrong place, you can be mistaken as a molester. Of course, if you are a female, be careful and don’t be scared to call for help if you think you are being molested.
When you experience the rush hour, follow these tips. Furthermore, if you are interested in extreme rush-hour situations, try to board a train heading into Tokyo that has been delayed. These trains get extra crowd. Riding a train after a major event, like a sport or music event, is also a way to experience what it’s like to ride on a packed train.

by GenS

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