Where are some places in and around Tokyo for kids to have fun?

Family-Friendly Showa Kinen Park, the perfect getaway from city life for kids during you Japan Stay.

As a kid, a trip to Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa would excite me the most. Built on a former Self Defense Forces base, the park is one of Tokyo’s largest parks. There is even a bicycle road running along the circumference of the park, which has a lake at its center. Rowboats can be borrowed for cheap and you and your kids can navigate the lake. There are also many sections to the park and each has a unique attraction for kids. My favorite is a huge white bouncy object, probable made of rubber-like material, onto which kids can climb and jump up and down. The sheer size of everything at this park is astounding and you would not believe that you are an hour away from Tokyo. Being a public park, entrance and rental fees are very cheap so on the next sunny day, take your kids out to Tachikawa and have some fun!

by GenS

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