Where do you recommend I go in Tokyo for a half-day trip?

Go to Tokyo Disneyland in Japan for a Cheaper Ticket Price

Cheap tickets for Tokyo Disneyland? How much does it cost to go to Tokyo Disneyland at night?

For a half-day trip in the evening, I often take advantage of the cheaper starlight pass offered from 6pm at Tokyo Disney Resort. If you are a Disney fanatic like I am, this is a great way to experience the world of Fantasy a shorter period of time, but cheaper. (Of course it would be the best if I could afford an annual free pass!) The star light pass is only 3,300 yen, a little more than half of the usual 6,200 yen 1 day pass, and allows entrance after 6pm. Although this means you can only experience the park for about 4 hours, its worth it especially if you are interested in Disney shows. The fire works show is held at night and so you can enjoy that with the starlight pass. A fabulous night show and enjoying a couple of rides, along with entrance into a magical world is worth 3,300 yen, at least for me.

by GenS

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