Where do you recommend I go in Tokyo for a full-day trip?

Take a trip to the beautiful port city of Yokohama in Japan!

Greatest Night Scenery in Japan

If you have a full day to spend and you’re in Tokyo, I recommend taking a trip to the port city of Yokohama, especially if it's a beautiful day. On a sunny day, the Minatomirai area with its series of shopping malls, amusement park and hotels situated around a bay is a must see! Yokohama is only about 25 minutes away from Shinagawa station on the Tokaido line. The Yokosuka line, Keihin Tohoku line, Keikyu line, and the Toyoko line will also get you to Yokohama if that's more convenient for you. At Yokohama station, you should transfer to the Negishi line and go to Sakuragicho station (just one stop from Yokohama). You will definitely be amazed. It’s almost like a real life Disney World. You should start your day by riding Japan’s fastest and most stable elevator to the top floor of landmark tower, Japan’s tallest building (sky tree is a tower). You will get a better understanding of Yokohama’s layout from the observation floor some 280m above ground and may even get a nice view of Mt.Fuji if you’re lucky. After landmark, you are free to explore Minatomirai. Do some shopping in land mark plaza or world porters, pickup a burger at Kua Aina at the Red Brick Warehouse, soak in the Manyo no yu hotspring, explore the cup noodle museum, and pick up a doughnut at Krispy Kreme. The things you can do in Yokohama are countless. On your way home, I recommend you walk to Yokohama instead of taking the train. The walk is called the Hama-Mirai walk and is well laid out. It takes only about 15 minutes and takes you by shopping malls, movie theaters, and even through the Nissan Headquarters! Yokohama is the perfect destination for a day trip from Tokyo!

by GenS

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