How do I enjoy the Game Centers in Japan?

Must take a purikura!

In Japan, there is a big arcade culture, perhaps because of the variety of machines from Mario Kart to air hockey to UFO catchers. However, my favorite destination is the purikura or the print club machines. This is a machine in which you go in, take photos of yourself with different poses and backgrounds and you go into a different part of the machine to decorate the photos that you took. Once you’re done, you have stickers of the pictures you took! In the editing section of the machine, you can also adjust how big you want your eyes to look and the color of your hair. People often put messages on the picture and frames. This is a definite must-do before you leave Japan, because it is so much fun taking the pictures and editing them with your friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend! I recently went to the game center to use this machine, because my cousins just love editing the photos!

by RieS