What should I wear for funerals in japan?

Appropriate attire for funerals

Everyone in Japan wears black for funerals. For men, this consists of a black suit (no pattern or design), white button-up shirt, black shoes (with no ornamentation), and a black necktie. For women, this consists of either a black suit (skirt or slacks with a jacket) and a black blouse, or a black dress with jacket. As with men, shoes should be black with no ornamentation. In general, everything should be plain black with no shiny silver or gold buttons or decorations. Women may wear a single strand of pearls and / or plain pearl earrings. Bags, purses, and umbrellas should also be plain black.

Children and students may wear their school uniforms.

Most department stores and many mail order catalogs carry full black formal suits and accessories. Mail order catalogs such as Nissen and Cecile carry taller / wider sizes for women than may be found at regular department stores (but their websites are in Japanese).

by Andrea Miyata

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