Hidden gems in Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures

Visit part of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea region

Ushimado seaside town, Setouchi City, Okayama

“Setonaikai is the Japanese Inland Sea and Setouchi City in Okayama Prefecture faces this beautiful part of the coast in West Japan. When you visit Hiroshima or Himeji Castle, extend your trip and spend some quiet time here. The part of Setouchi called Ushimado is an old seaside town that is the opposite of busy, noisy, and crowded Tokyo.”

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Ushimado Olive Garden, Setouchi City, Okayama

“When you think of Japan olives might not be the first thing that comes to mind but in fact they are widely produced in the south western part of the country. The Olive Garden in Ushimado, Setouchi City, Okayama, has the largest olive tree orchard in Japan… With Okayama’s Mediterranean climate and fertile soil, and olive orchard proved to be an innovative way to take a family business into the future.”

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Day trip from Hiroshima or Okayama City

Kure City, Hiroshima

“The historic and beautiful port town of Kure is located between the more famous tourist destinations of Hiroshima and Onomichi… For those of you looking to experience somewhere off the beaten track, a place where you can learn about Japanese maritime history, enjoy unparalleled views of the unique Seto-inland sea, sea submarine crews changing of the guard and taste delicious local fare Kure is a wonderful day trip.”

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Bizen Osafune Sword Museum, Okayama

“What separates the Japanese sword from those found around the world is its strength. This comes from the painstaking craft of sword-making and the quality of the materials used by those who practice the art. In Osafune Town, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture the Bizen Osafune Sword Museum and Educational Center continues the pursuit of excellence in the sword-making arts by employing master craftspeople whom are skilled in each stage of production.”

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Explore Okayama Prefecture

10 things to do in Okayama - beaches & coastal views

“Enjoy a view of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea from the Ojigadake bluffs. The Seto Inland Sea, the Ojigadake bluffs and the surrounding hills are a designated national park; the view is breathtaking! If you are adventurous, you can rent a paraglider and sail from the top of the bluffs down to the beach below.”

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10 more things to do in Okayama - bike trails & hiking courses

“The Kibi Bike Trail - This trail lets you bike through the historic country region of Kibi, where the legend of Momotaro was created. Although the bike trail is accessible year-round, it's at its best in Autumn when the rice fronds have turned a beautiful gold and the cosmos flowers are in bloom at the Bitchu-Kokubunji Shrine & Pagoda complex. The trail is fairly flat, and is easy for non-athletes as well as those who regularly bike. There are a number of culturally important shrines and temples along the trail interpersed among the beautiful scenery. ”

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