Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

Sakura – Japan’s famous cherry blossoms

Where does the cherry-viewing buzz come from?

“Cherry blossom period is starting in Japan. It is the time when Japanese people are enjoying watching flowers blooming everywhere... But where does this habit come from exactly? Why do the Japanese enjoy watching sakura so much? I think that the seed was implanted by Emperor Shotoku, 6th century - Nara period, who introduced Buddhism to Japan, with the help of Kukai. But the habit flourished in the Heian period, 10th century.”

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Enjoy the cherry blossoms

“They are quite awesome! Every spring, it is the same thing: everyone is getting very (positively) anxious and is looking forward to enjoying the cherry blossoms. There are many spots to visits and the most famous ones are the most crowded too. If, like me, you prefer your cherry blossom in a quiet environment, try the Sumida river, up North and the other side of Asakusa. You can also try Tennozu Isle, Toyosu, Rinkai Park...”

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Local sakura spots in Tokyo

Local Secret: Sakura at Zenpukuji

“In a bid to get away from the crowds of Nakameguro, Ueno and Shinjuku, I found out about a minor sakura covered park in Nishiogikubo, about 20 minutes away from the station. Zenpukuji is a miniaturized version of the famous Inokashira park, and has the same lovely cherry trees stretching over a duck-filled lake. The walk to and from Zempukuji Park is pleasant, as the area is filled with antique stores, family run businesses and houses with beautifully tended gardens.”

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Hidden beauty: Jousenji Temple’s garden

“At Kouza Shibuya, there is a small Japanese temple named Jousenji with an absolutely beautiful Japanese garden. If you love flowers and different types of plants, this is the place to go. The gorgeous flowers change seasonally and the garden is copious with different colors each season. I went during the spring, right when I was doing hanami (cherry blossom viewing). At that time, the most memorable plant was the drooping Sakura tree.”

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More sakura spots in Tokyo

Sakura in Jijyugaoka and Tokyo Institute of Technology

“My family visits Jiyugaoka every year for Hanami. We went there last weekend and it was pretty as always! I would recommend to get off at Midorigaoka Station (Oimachi line) and walk along the sidewalk to Jiyugaoka area (20-30 minutes). Stroll along Green Street from Midorigaoka to Jiyugaoka is very pretty with cherry blossoms in season. This road is planted with several varieties to extend the sakura viewing.”

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Tokyo’s Japanese gardens: Rikugien

“Rikugien is a nice place for a walk in the city any time of the year. The over 300-year-old garden is one of nine historical parks in Tokyo that have survived fire, war, floods, and construction. Visit one of them to see a little bit of the old Japan as well as beautiful flowers and plants. I will be back to visit Rikugien Gardens in the spring to see the cherry blossoms.”

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