Kusatsu Onsen – one of Japan’s best hot spring resorts

Taking a trip to an onsen like Kusatsu is very popular in Japan

Visiting an onsen (hot spring) is an authentic Japanese experience

“Going to hot springs in Japan is high on the list of great things to do and is a fantastic way to calm the nerves and get refreshed. Few things are as an authentic Japanese experience as going to a Japanese hot spring and enjoying the local Japanese cuisine and accommodations.”

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Enjoy the baths, the landscape, and local cuisine

“Hot springs are usually located in mountainous beautiful natural sites. It’s an occasion to evade from the city and enjoy the best of volcanic activity: hot waters. You spend the day walking in the countryside, in the forest very easily. Then, hot springs are waiting for you. You can enjoy them and then a nice meal.”

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Kusatsu is all about hot spring water and bathing

Yubatake is the heart of Kusatsu, the source of its abundant hot spring water

“Kusatsu is centered around Yubatake (literally hot-water field), where plentiful hot spring waters flow over wooden containers which cool the water before distribution to hotels and collect minerals which are packaged in limited supplies for visitors to recreate this Kusatsu experience back home. The contrasting black and turquoise tones of Yubatake make for a truly unique townscape and an awesome photo spot.”

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Sainokawara Park has hot spring sources, ponds, and a huge outdoor bath

“Within a few blocks of downtown, you can end up surrounded by nature. This is best on display at Sainokawara Park, home to one of Kusatsu’s most popular open-air baths... simply follow the signs along Sainokawara Street and you’ll journey along a cobblestone road lined with shops selling crafts and sweets as well as restaurants until you end up at the park.”

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Recharge in the onsen baths

Stay at a local ryokan or hotel with its own onsen facilities

“Whichever hotel you stay at in Kusatsu there will almost certainly be a hot spring bath. I like to make full use of the hotel by checking in early (usually from around 2 or 3pm) and taking a quick dip before relaxing in the room or heading back out to explore the town, taking another dip after dinner before bed, and again before breakfast in the morning.”

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Try hot spring bathing outside

“While indoor pools are nice, I almost always spend most of my time in the outdoor bath. In winter, you'll face a few unclothed seconds outside in freezing temperatures but immersing yourself in the warm pool makes the challenge worth it. That’s part of the back to nature experience... bathing under the stars or in the crispness of the fresh morning air is unbeatable.”

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