Southern Japan travel: Okinawa & Kyushu

Okinawa: Honto & Miyako Island

One-day itinerary for Okinawa’s main island Honto

“Most people head to Okinawa to enjoy the beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines, which are considered among the world's most beautiful with large coral reefs and an abundance of marine wildlife. For travelers who are in Okinawa for the first time, there are a number of beautiful beaches and small islands connected to the mainland ready for you to explore.”

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Snorkeling & diving paradise Miyako Island

"Okinawa is abound with transparent emerald green seawater, beautiful coral reefs and various colorful fish everywhere. They can be enjoyed easily by snorkeling not only off the coasts on a boat tour but also near the beaches/coasts... Of all those snorkeling treasure places we recommend Miyako-jima (Miyako Island) in particular, a 40-50 minute flight from Naha Airport on the main Island."

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Kyushu: Oita & Kagoshima Prefecture

Oita: Onsen and beautiful scenery

“If you want to see and experience the power of the forces of the earth beneath our feet, then Oita Prefecture in north-eastern Kyushu has it all; volcanoes, geysers, and gushing steamy “onsen” (hot springs)... However, Oita is not just raw natural energy, it is also 70 percent forested volcanic peaks interrupted by beautiful terraced rice fields and bamboo groves. It has a long and indented coastline that is dotted with fishing villages and these produce some of the best seafood in Japan.”

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Kagoshima: Ancient forests and excellent local cuisine

“While there are many beautiful ports in Kagoshima, many visitors head directly to the ancient forests of Yakushima. Due to the sub-tropical climate, the area gets much rain all year round making the forests rich green with dense foliage. These mountainous forests contain some of the oldest trees in Japan - many being more than 1000 years old.”

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Kyushu: Nagasaki & Kumamoto

My two days in Sasebo, Nagasaki

“The first time I heard about Sasebo, a friend of mine was showing me the video of a guy singing about Sasebo burgers with the classic Happy Days tune. That’s one of the reasons I decided to add the small seaside town to my itinerary... Sasebo was definitely an interesting city to visit, with so much to offer and so much history hidden in many corners of the town. If you are looking for a break from the usual Japanese metropolitan noise and chaos, Sasebo is the right choice for you.”

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Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto Prefecture

“The first onsen I ever visited in Japan was Kurokawa Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture. Although I've visited many other onsens in the 19 years I've been in Japan (and they're all nice!), my favorite is still Kurokawa Onsen. Why? Because the view is FANTASTIC! The rotenburos (outdoor hot spring pools) at most of the inns are built right on the small, beautiful river that is the heart of Kurokawa onsen.”

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