Travel along the Sea of Japan coast – Shimane, Tottori, Kyoto, Toyoma, Niigata

Visit charming towns in Kyoto and Toyama Prefecture

Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture

"Maizuru developed as seaside town with its own industry and culture reaching even more importance when a 5,300-year-old dugout canoe from Jomon period, which is considered one of the oldest in the world, was discovered and excavated. It is... also the perfect place for people longing for scenic natural beauty with its surrounding mountains and the open sea. There are fishing villages along the seaside where the fishing industry and processing facilities are located and operating since olden times."

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Toyama City’s old town district Etchu-Yatsuo, Toyama Prefecture

“During the Edo Period (1603 - 1868), Etchu-Yatsuo flourished through paper making and the cultivation of silkworms, and was a center for the flow of people and money. From the atmosphere of a literary city, the artistic craftsmanship, and from the people's temperament, I feel their sense of purpose to protect their home culture. Suwa Town Main Street... symbolizes Etchu-Yatsuo. It felt as if I had wandered back in time.”

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Experience the natural beauty of the coastal regions of Shimane and Tottori Prefecture

Nishinoshima, Shimane Prefecture

"With its cute squid mascot, this is the perfect island to empty your head in front of amazing ocean scenes and wide greenery fields. The Tourist Office of Nishinoshima has even more English information than Tokyo. A must-stop for anybody who wants to get away for town, for example with a simple trek among greenery fields, oceans views and cows.”

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Uradome Coast, Tottori Prefecture

"The Uradome Coast in Tottori Prefecture is one of the Geosites that is part of the UNESCO recognized San'in Kaigan Global Geopark, home to a diversity of geological sites related to when Japan was originally part of the Asian continent and the formation of the Sea of Japan... The coast is notable for its distinctive collection of rock islands, eroded by eons of wind and waves, with many gorgeous sea walls, caves, tunnels, and white sandy beaches.”

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Enjoy art, nature, and history in Niigata Prefecture

Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture

“Sado Island is located in the western part of the prefecture and offers experiences limited to the island. Close to a one-third of all Noh stages [traditional Japanese theatre] in Japan are located in Niigata, mostly in Sado... On Sado Island puppet theatre also has a rich cultural history... A visit to the Toki-no-mori Park and Toki Preservation Center on Sado is advised for anyone interested in wildlife and nature preservation. Toki, the Japanese crested ibis, are an endangered bird species.”

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Shibata Castle, Niigata Prefecture

“Touring Shibata Castle gives you the sense of what it was like when it was first constructed in 1598. Of course, the castle has been fully restored including its two turrets. There's lots to see and do in Shibata. For onsen, try out Tsukioka Onsen and Shiroyama Onsen. There are several comfortable hotels. If touring historical sites and gardens is on your "to do" list, check out Shimizuen and Ichishimatei. Enjoy!”

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