Tours of Sake breweries in Ehime

Sake is the essence of Japanese culture. Made from quality rice, which is the foundation of Japanese peoples diet, fresh water, cleaned by local soil, a koji mold and yest, each Sake has a unique taste and character. To unfold the secrets how it develops this character you can participate in tours of Sake breweries in Ehime. It is an opportunity to experience Japanese culture, not only for Japanese rice wine fans but also people who would like to learn more about this tradition.

The Umebijin Brewery in Yawatahama produces liqueurs using sake and mandarin oranges grown in Yawatahama. The panoramic view from the orange fields on the mountain is spectacular. The scenery is not only beautiful but also essential for the quality of the oranges. A lot of sun touches the trees on the steep hills and the sea breeze enhances the taste of the citrus fruits.
At the Sake brewery Umebijin you will learn about the history and quality of Sake from Yawatahama and be able to visit the house of the Sake brewers family a building designated as a tangible cultural heritage of Ehime. Many interesting details like two tokonomas in the reception room or the important meaning of the pond in the inner garden will make it a worthwhile visit. Because Sake is not only delicious to be enjoyed by itself, but especially enhances the taste of Japanese cuisine in a local Japanese restaurant. Different types of food call for different types of Sake, but don’t worry about your health when trying so much alcohol, because Sake is not only full of nutrients but is also beneficial for your beauty.

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In Uchiko the Chiyonokame Sake brewery opens its gates to give you a deeper look in the production process. Learn the differences between high quality and lower quality Sake, the important factors that the brewer has to consider and much more. Did you know for example that during the brewing process Sake is listening to classical or other music, which will influence the taste? All your questions will be answered by an expert, who can guide you through the stages of the brewing process. After the educational part your knowledge of Sake production will make the tasting ten times tastier.

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At Minakuchi Brewery in Dogo Onsen, tour the shop/main residence, which is a valuable example of modern Japanese architecture and designated as a nationally registered tangible cultural property. After tasting the water used for making the sake, tour the sake brewery and the factory for the craft "Dogo Beer." You can then sample and compare various sakes and craft beers at the standing bar run directly by the brewery, or try your hand at making your own unique label.

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Kyowa Brewery in Tobecho, the ceramics-producing district in Ehime, brews their sake with care, valuing "sake to be savored" that can bring out the umami of rice, and emphasizing quality over mass production. When you visit the brewery, the master brewer will show you around the compactly organized, traditional brewery in detail. After touring the brewery, you can enjoy limited edition sakes that are only available on the premises, and the brewery's specialty sweets using amazake made from rice koji and sake lees at "Hatsuyuki," the chic cafe on the renovated second floor of the brewery that was built at the end of the Edo period, a refined experience to be found nowhere else.

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Eikoo Brewery, in Matsuyama, Ehime, has won the Gold Prize on numerous occasions at the Annual Japan Sake Awards and brews sake with meticulous care to match the local climate, using locally grown Matsuyama Mitsui rice and spring water from Wakigafuchi, near Mount Takanawa. The shop Eikoo Breweryan only be tasted here, as well as a wide variety of the liqueurs that use generous amounts of the plums, mandarin oranges, grapes, and yuzu produced in Ehime, the "Kingdom of Fruits," and pickles and other foods that are not for sale.

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Yagi Shuzobu, in Imabari, is a traditional brewery that holds the renowned sake brand "Yamatan Masamune" and is characterized by their fragrant yet clean sake, which is produced by a master brewer of the historic Ochi school. It has won numerous Gold Prizes, the top prize at the Annual Japan Sake Awards, and is rated highly, including being selected by airlines for international first class flights. The tasting space on the second floor, which is currently being renovated for visitors to the brewery, is based on the concept of a "modern and cool space," where the vaunted fragrant sake is available for tasting in wine glasses. Enjoy the authentic flavors in a luxurious space: a wonderful, extraordinary experience.

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Kuramotoya is a standing bar located in central Matsuyama that showcases the sake produced in Ehime and offers a wide selection of the sakes produced throughout the prefecture. If you cannot decide which brewery to visit, please stop by Kuramotoya. You are sure to find a bottle and brewery that are to your liking.

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