Please give a recommendation for low-calorie snack options.

Good for the teeth, wallet, and diet

Japan certainly has some interesting snacks, some that may seem a bit outlandish and wild; mostly of the seafood variety. It may take a bit of courage and a bit of time to stomach some the stranger ones, but once you get used to the smell, texture, or flavor of some of the more "unique" snacks, they can grow on you.
One snack that I personally have become quite fond of since coming to Japan is "squid jerky", or "atari-me". This snack is thin strips of dried squid, and takes a bit of effort to chew through. The smell is a bit intense and of the sea at first, but after chewing through the outer layer, the squid meat is actually quite delicious. High protein, and a large quantity in the pack make for a great healthy snack, and since it takes a bit of time to chew through, you won't be running back to the convenience store to buy another snack after you finished your Snickers bar in a minute flat.

by KurtisW

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