One Day Itinerary in Honto Island, Okinawa

The best locations Honto (Okinawa’s main island)

For those of us who live in Japan, Okinawa is no secret. Its year-round warm climate, emerald green waters and sandy shorelines have been attracting visitors from the mainland for years. But most first-time visitors to Japan haven’t any idea of this mini paradise in the south - a string of picturesque subtropical islands rich in history and culture!
In this article we will be introducing a one-day itinerary that will allow you to experience some of the best locations Honto (Okinawa’s main island) has to offer, making not only a full day of it but also into the night!


Most people head to Okinawa to enjoy the beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines, which are considered among the world's most beautiful with large coral reefs and an abundance of marine wildlife. For travelers who are in Okinawa for the first time, there are a number of beautiful beaches and small islands connected to the mainland ready for you to explore.
Starting in the south of the island, in Naha City, we recommend you make your way up the west coast towards Nago, stopping at Cape Manzamo (Onna Village) on the way for spectacular views of a rugged yet serene coastline. Once you’re back on the road continue north past Nago City, and head for the beautiful Kouri Island, accessible by foot or car over a 2km bridge. The island has pristine waters for swimming in, some great food and an abundance of green. The island can easily be explored in a half day. Once you are done here head back across the bridge and then west towards Bise Fukugi Tree Lane - a network of small sandy roads surrounded on all sides by naturally thick tunnels of green trees, a real treat for those looking to escape the stresses of life for a few hours.

star gazing and moon watching

As the day draws to an end and night starts to fall, we highly recommend heading south again to the Zampa Cape to enjoy an evening of star gazing and moon watching with Cerulean Blue(Travel agent https://www.cerulean-blue.co.jp/en/). On a clear night the sky is alight with a spectacular display of stars and if you’re lucky, a beautiful bright moon too! After arriving you are greeted with a drink and warm snack before sitting down to learn some useful facts about the science behind the evening’s activities. The team will then guide you to an open space that is equipped with powerful telescopes to help you enjoy the views. With expert advice on hand the helpful staff will also aid you in capturing the sights on your camera or smartphone. Also, you can opt for professional grade photos of yourself under the starry skies taken by a member of staff who specializes in such shoots for his job! A great souvenir and reminder of your trip to Okinawa!

The evening doesn’t end there either! Just a few minutes down the road is Sunset Farm, a small community lead initiative made up of several young farmers who grow chrysanthemum flowers in large fields using bright and colourful lighting systems. The flowers and lights spread out into the darkness, as far as the eye can see. In the middle of this magnificent display is a small outdoor café where one can enjoy hot coffee and small talk with the people behind the project. This makes for some great photographing and is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day exploring the island!


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