Thousands of lanterns being launched into the winter night sky is a fantastic spectacle

Various festivals and processions are held periodically in Japan to ask various deities to keep people free from disease and bodily harm. Sky lanterns are featured prominently in one of these festivals. Participants write their wishes on lanterns resembling small hot air balloons. These lanterns are then released into the night sky.

The location of the Sky Lantern event is about 3 hours from Tokyo by car. The area is know for its heavy snowfall and when the event takes place in March a good amount of snow is usually packed fairly high. In some instances the the area can receive up to about 2 meters of snow. This event began in 2011 after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked the region. The idea was to send up wishes and prayers for the recovery. Depending on the number of participants, at times, up to 1000 lanterns are released into the night sky. The deep black night sky littered with stars in contrast with the piled up pure white snow on the ground makes for an amazing sight. Even more romantic when you add numerous orange colored lanterns to this fantastic mix.

Would you like to participate in this Sky Lantern festival? We are preparing the perfect tour for you. If you participate in this particular tour you can be a part of the Sky Lantern event and along with the lantern launch your hopes and wishes into the beautiful night sky. There’s also an opportunity to see an amazing firework show and enjoy the snow covered landscape around the area. What could be better than the amazing colors of lanterns, firework, the clear night sky, and snow stacked high coming together to create breathtaking scenery?

by DeepJapan Editor

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