The secret behind the deliciousness of Sano Ramen is in the water

Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. There are various types of ramen. Some have soy sauce as the main ingredient of the broth. Others have miso as the main ingredient. The thickness and thinness of the noodles are different with each ramen. Ramen is loved all of the Japan. Recently, ramen has become more popular throughout the world. Ramen shops are now more prevalent in European and American cities.

Amongst the more well known types of ramen in Japan, we would like to introduce Sano Ramen in this article. Sano Ramen is named after the town of Sano which is about one hour and thirty minutes by car from Tokyo. Sano Ramen soup has a light taste and is rather easy to eat. One characteristic of Sano Ramen is the fresh and clear spring water that is used when making the soup and noodles. This spring water is the reason behind the deliciousness of Sano Ramen. The spring water that is used, is well know and certified amongst the most famous one hundred brands of water in Japan. Carp swim in the pond near the spring waters. The water is so transparent that you can clearly recognize the pattern of carp from afar.

The type of water that is used when making Sano Ramen is very particular. You should definitely try Sano Ramen! If you participate in our tour, you will have an opportunity to eat delicious Sano Ramen. This is a chance to try one of the popular types of ramen in Japan.


by DeepJapan Editor

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