A large lake loved by European ambassadors directly in front of the temple

Nikko is a famous tourist destination located about two hours away from Tokyo by train. Nikko Toshogu Shrine is a popular sightseeing spot that attracts a multitude of visitors daily. Sometimes lost is the fact that Nikko is also home to many other famous places.
One of these places is the area around Chuzenji temple. Chuzenji is rich in history and was originally built in the year 784. In front of Chuzenji temple lies the massive lake Chuzenji. Lake Chuzenji is believed to have been formed by a volcanic eruption 20,000 years ago where lava from the volcano flowed into a surrounding valley. The area around the lake is rich in nature and well known for its beautiful fall foliage. With an elevation of 1,200 meters the area has mild, cool summers and attracts many vacationers looking to escape the heat of the summer months. In the mid 19th century the Japanese Government ended its policy of isolationism and established formal diplomatic relationships with foreign countries. European and American diplomats fascinated by lake Chuzenji and the expanse of the surrounding nature built villas in the area. The area later became a well known and developed into an international summer resort destination. At its peak there were over 40 of these diplomatic villas. The former UK and Italian embassy villas are now open to the public. You can enjoy the same scenery that former ambassadors enjoyed in the past. Although not open to the public, the French and Belgian villas are still in use today.

Come and enjoy the scenery of lake Chuzenji for yourself. Share in the same experience that many European and American diplomats enjoyed. If you join this tour you will be able to experience the amazing Chuzenji and surrounding area firsthand. This is the perfect tour to relax and take in nature.


by DeepJapan Editor

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