Observe various artworks in a building designed by a master.

There are many museums and exhibitions in Tokyo. Many of these museums and exhibitions are concentrated in Ueno Park. Among them, the national museum of Western Art is near Ueno station, and because of this many people crowd the area daily.

The National Museum of Western Art was designed by a master of modern architecture, Le Corbusier. Traditionally in buildings designed along Western standards walls were made of bricks and stones and had the important role of supporting the roof. Le Corbusie had a different perspective. According to him there were three important elements in building. Pillars, floors, and stairs. His development of concrete technology and concepts helped to establish and spread modern architecture. As a result of his efforts, the Museum of Western Art is registered as a World Heritage site along with other Le Corbusier’s architecture found all over the world. The works on display at the museum of Western Art were all collected by the Japanese collector Matsukata Kojiro. During World War I Matsukata was the president of a shipyard. As a direct result of the Great War the shipbuilding industry flourished. With the new found profit, Matsukata would go on to gather Western art with the hope of showing it to the young artists of Japan. As a result of World War II Matsukata’s art collection temporarily became property of the French government. However after the war the French government donated most of the artwork back to Japan in an effort to promote friendship between Japan and France. Later, much of the art would be featured in the national museum of Western Art.

Wouldn’t it be great to visit an amazing place like the museum of Western Art? If you participate in this tour you will have an opportunity to visit the museum of Western Art. Matsukata Kojiro’s collection is prominently on display at the museum. Both the permanent and provisional exhibitions are worthwhile. This tour will be held in March in collaboration with the 60th anniversary of the opening of the National Museum of Western Art. At the same time the Le Corbusier special exhibition will be on display. Come enjoy the tour and relish in the world of Le Corbusier.


by DeepJapan Editor

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