Go on a quest to find the tastiest Japanese noodles

Try the many varieties of ramen, udon, and soba

Explore the world of ramen and tsukemen

“Shops making tasty ramen noodles are everywhere in Japan. Get off the train at just about any station and chances are that you will find a ramen shop nearby. Many ramen shops offer ramen (noodles served in a bowl of soup) and tsukemen (noodles and soup served separately) and some shops actually specialize in tsukemen. While ramen is more famous, you should also try tsukemen.”

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Taste fresh noodles made before your eyes

“The best udon and best soba is from restaurants that make their noodles fresh. This is a sign of a tasty shop, so the noodles will often be prepared near the entrance where you can see them. Watch the dough being rolled out and cut, it is fun.”

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Have a super fast bowl of noodles and try soba made by a master

Eat soba standing up at a “tachigui” soba shop

“The "stand and eat" style tachigui soba restaurants are designed for the thousands of Japanese businessmen who do not even have time to sit and eat their meals. Everything is fast at a tachigui soba place…. Once you are ready, start slurping! Its what people do here and is considered even mannerly. Slurping is how you eat noodles Japanese style!”

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Visit the restaurant of a master

“Kenjiro Suzuki has traveled around Japan during many years to learn his craft and soba making from every region of Japan. He did it the medieval way: working for soba-masters every where in Japan, walking every region. And mastered soba making, he did! Today, his soba-ya is located in a small street, in the back side of Senso-ji.”

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Find out where the best udon noodles are made

Udon is a must-try for a real Japanese noodle experience

“Everyone knows the most popular noodle dishes for Japanese are ramen, soba and udon. Why then, we wonder, does udon seems to be mentioned less often and receive less attention from international visitors? Here, I would like to let you know where and how to experience udon, our fascinating, traditional Japanese noodle.”

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The best udon in the world: Sanuki udon!

“Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku might be Japan's smallest prefecture, but it's the home to one of Japan's best kept culinary secrets: Sanuki Udon. You may have heard of udon before, but Sanuki Udon isn't just regular udon. It's the best udon in the world, and some might argue it's even the best noodle dish in Japan, crushing its rivals, ramen, soba, and somen.”

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