Tell me about Japanese graves and graveyards.

A peaceful resting ground

Japanese graveyards are in my experience much different in appearance than those of the U.S, where I'm from. There are some smaller neighborhood graveyards, and there are larger ones in reserved areas in town. One thing that is very different is the physical layout of the graveyards. Cremation is law in Japan (for the most part), and graveyards are all made up of gravestones and stone pathways. There is no need to bury anyone, so the graveyards tend to be somewhat compact, with graves very nearby one another. The area around the graveyards tends to have very nice landscaping and plant life however.
Tama-Reien (Tama graveyard) for example is a very large expanse with elegant landscaping in west Tokyo. This makes it pleasant for relatives of the deceased when they have outings to visit graves.

by KurtisW

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