5 Food Streets in Japan - The Paradise for Foodies !

1. Dontobori Food Street
As the landmark of Osaka, Dontobori is not only the shooting location of many Japanese films and plays, but also the famous paradise for foodies in Japan, which is praised as “the No.1 food of Japan.”

The most delicious gourmet here is Tokayoki, Okonomiyaki, sushi, fried shashlik, crab and globefish cuisine, as well as many cute desserts.

Top restaurants: Kani Doraku, Dotonbori Honke Ootako, Ichiran, Imai, Senbo.

2. Hozen Temple Ameyoko
If you are not comfortable with the busy and crowded environment of Dontobori Food Street, don’t worry, just turn right from Dontobori, you will find the solitary alley: Hozen Temple Ameyoko, a retreat away from the turmoil of the world. This is an alley with stone path closed to Dotonbori Honke, which has witnessed the history of Osaka since the Edo Era. Although it’s narrow and short, it has more than 60 dining places, elegant and comfortable.

Wandering along the alley, you will feel dense Japanese culture of Edo era. The surrounding girls wearing Kimono make you feel like living in the Osaka one hundred years ago.

3. Tenpozan Spray Ameyoko
This food street is located on the second floor of Tenpozan Market Place. It’s a traditional dining place themed with the Osaka of 1965 in tesseral shape. The decorations in the street reappeared the view of civilian street and shops in Osaka about 50 years ago. Decorated with lanterns and streamers, the street has many dining halls and shops with unique Japanese style.

In many restaurants which represent the best cooking culture of Kansai area, you can enjoy omelet rice, curry rice, takoyaki and delicious cakes.

4. Kyoto Ramen Road

If you enjoy Japanese gourmet, what you must eat is surely ramen in Japan. Designed as the Machiya, a traditional Japanese wooden house, this road is full of Kyoto traditional style. This small area collects many famous ramen stores from all over Japan. Here you can taste various ramen like Sapporo miso ramen and Kyushu Hakata ramen. No matter the ramen with what shape or soup, you can always find them here.

5. Tokyo Omoide Alley
Omoide Alley, hidden in the tall buildings in Shinjuku station, means “alley of memories”. Over 90 barbecue restaurants and izakaya are opened here. Although they look simple and small, the food here is definitely delicious with reasonable prices.

It’s not a famous attraction, but the alley is surely a paradise for foodies.

Beyond question, there are more food streets in Japan which are worth an exploration. Generally, there are two ways to find them: check the listed popular dining places on TripAdvisor or find hidden food streets or restaurants in your area on Tourank app. The first way allows you find the top places to enjoy street food directly while through the later one you can find surprising nearby dining places on the map. You can choose the right one for you by your situation.

by Alexlovetravel

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