6 Very Well-kept Secrets in Tokyo

Tokyo has many famous sightseeing places that are even known by people all over the world. However, there are also some hidden but great scenic spots in this city which are surely worth a visit. I gonna share 6 well-kept secrets in Tokyo.

1. Todoroki Ravine

In the Setagaya-ku of Tokyo, there is a 1 kilometer long ravine which combines the green wood, red bridge and natural landscape, forming a typical Japanese style view. In summer, it turns green while in Autumn, it’s filled with red leaves.

2. Kagurazaka

If you are tired of the busy streets of Tokyo, why not walk around in Kagurazaka? When you are here, you will find that its view is totally different from the outside. The beautiful and ancient buildings make you feel like standing in “little Kyoto”.

3. Shibamata

It’s a very tranquil place with just a few tourists. If you don’t like crowded and busy places, then come Shibamata. It looks especially beautiful in rainy days.

4. Gotokuji

As the birthplace of fortune cat, Gotokuji has more than 2000 fortune cats !

5. Soshigaya-Okura

Sohigaya-Okura, in the Setagaya-ku of Tokyo, is a quiet and peacefull community. Since Tsuburaya Productions created Ultraman here, it’s seen as the hometown of Ultraman and lots of Ultraman fans visited here every year. Therefore, if you also love Ultraman, you shouldn’t miss it.

6. Shimokitazawa

There are lots of fashion shops, second hand cloth shops and merchandise stores in Shimokitazawa. Here you can find many fashion but cheap things. Various modern cafes and bars combine with traditional Japanese taverns and dining halls in this place, forming an unique street view.

Exploring the hidden attractions of one city or even one nation is a very exciting way to spend your travel, or a nice way to start your new life here. I usually use Triposo app to plan my routes and use Tourank app to find nearby attractions that its tour-map always show me surprising places on my way.

The most enchanting thing of travel is exploring the hidden beautiful places.

by Alexlovetravel

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