The Top 8 Places to Beat Summer Heat in Japan

Where do Japanese love to visit to avoid summer heat in Japan? I searched the top 8 summer resorts loved by Japanese including Furano in Hokkaido, Okinawa, Karuizawa and Hakone, which are famous among foreigners, but also some hidden places like Okutama, Kamikochi and Nasushiobara that you may not know.

Recommended places: Furano, Lake Mashi, Lake Toya, Asahiyama Zoo

Hokkaido is the first destination of many Japanese people in summer for that the average temperature there is just around 15 and 20 degrees, which is a perfect weather to avoid summer heat.

From the middle of July to the late July is the best time to watch lavender view in Furano when this area is covered by purple flower carpet.

Many people love to enjoy summer in Lake Mashi which is very beautiful from June to September when it will turn into a jade-like lake. The transparency of water in Lake Mashi, shining like saphire, almost ranks in the first place among Japanese lakes.

Recommended places: Manzamo, Zanpa Beach, Zampamisaki Beacon

Like the northernmost Hokkaido, the southernmost Okinawa is also a popular destination in summer for many Japanese people. The average temperature here is from 20 degree and 25 degree all over the year while it rarely excesses 30 degree in summer.

Zanpa Beach is the most beautiful one among the 12 beaches in Okinawa. When summer comes, the soft white beach casts beautiful reflections with the blue ocean.
Another must-go in Okinawa is Manzamo which means “a wilderness for thousands of people”. As a very famous nature view in Okinawa, Manzamo has a unique view looking like a trunk which formed by cliff eroded by ocean waves.

Recommended places: Kumobaike Pond, Former Mikasa Hotel, Shiraito Falls
Karuizawa is the top place to avoid summer heat for people living in Kanto area. It’s quite near to Tokyo that it only takes one hour to arrive there from Tokyo by train. The Shiraito Falls is must-go in Karuizawa. Rather than flowing from a river, the source of this waterfall springs through the rocks from an undergroung spring. It divides into many different streams, and the falling water appears to be white threads (Shiraito), creating a sense of quiet and peace. As the water flows from an underground river, it is crystal clear.
Another must-go in Karuizawa is Kumobaike Pond, which is called as “swan lake”in Japan. The clean water reflects the beautiful views of four seasons. Pure springs run into the pond from surrounding woods. Walking through the alameda amid the trees will surely cool you.

4.Fuji Five Lakes
Recommended places: Lake Yamanaka, Mount.Fuji
Fuji Five Lakes are five lakes in the root of Mount Fuji including Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Saiko Lake, Lake Motosu and Lake Shojiko. The largest and highest lake among them is Lake Yamanaka with average temperature of 7 degree, serving as a famous summer resort in Japan. Here in summer ,visitors can enjoy the splendid view of Mount. Fuji and the lakes.

Climbing Mount.Fuji is another popular activity in summer of many Japanese people, because the climbing route in Mount.Fuji is only opened in July and August.

Recommended places: Hakone Shrine, Lake Ashi, Ashigarashimo-gun.
Located in mountain area, Hakone with cool weather through the year, is a top place to avoid summer heat in Japan. Although it rains a lot here in summer, the nature view is quite amazing. Therefore, it becomes a top option for many Japanese artists to spend their summer.

Recommended places: Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, Tama River

Located in the westernmost of Tokyo, Okutama has splendid Okutama mountains and lakes. The famous Nichihara stalactite grotto is very famous in Japan. The shining lake surface looking super romantic under light in summer.

Recommended places: Kappa Bridge, Taisho Pond, Tashiro Pond
Located in Nagano Prefecture, Kamikochi, 1500 meter-high, is called as “Alpes in Japan”. Legend has it that gods once befall here, so it is seen as the hometown of gods by many Japanese.

Recommended places: Nasu Zoo, Nasu Museum of Art, Shiobara Onsen
Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Naushiobara is a perfect place to enjoy summer. Even the Japan royal family has resort mansion in this place.
Visitors can wander in rush forests and enjoy the nature view here, or even the royal garden.

If you don't like the above-mentioned places, you can check Lonely Planet app, TripAdvisor or Tourank app which recommend many nice summer resorts of Japan.

This is all my advice for avoiding summer heat in Japan. Hope you have a nice summer travel !

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