8 Places to Have a Good Weekend Trip from Tokyo

Many friends in Tokyo often ask me how to have a great weekend trip from Tokyo. Most attractions in city area of Tokyo are quite common to us, so I wanna suggest some great places near Tokyo which can be accessed easily by JR. Most of the sightseeing places can be arrived within one hour by train.

1. Enoshima Island
Enoshima Island is a quite popular place among people living in Kansai area. It’s also the filming location of many famous Japanese cartoons. Here you will see traditional rail way, beautiful ocean, retro tram car and even cute cats in the island.

2. Cup Noodles Museum
The first cup of noodles in the world was made here. You can even make a personal cup noodles for yourself !
Access: near the Bashamichi Station along Minatomirai Line of Yokohama.

3.Chinese Town in Yokohama
The Chinese Town in Yokohama, also the largest Chinese Town in Japan, has more than 140 years history, and maintains many traditional Chinese buildings. Standing here you can feel the China one hundred years ago.

4. Karuizawa
Karuizawa became a resort as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Many people in Tokyo love visiting Karuizawa to avoid summer heat every year. The buildings here are mostly western style which will make you feel like standing in an European town.

5. Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine
The shrine is the most important shrine in the city of Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. In the Kamakura Fiesta every April, grant activities will be held here.

6. Kamakura Komachi Dori
It’s a shopping street near Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, which remains many historic views and old-world landscape. Here you will find many delicate and beautiful souvenirs.

7. Owakudani
Hakone is a great place for seeing Mount Fuji, but if you want to see the view of live volcano near Tokyo, you should come Owakudani. And it’s very cheap and convenient to go here from Tokyo.

8.Stone Church in Kitasaku
Designed by American architect Kendrick Kellogg, the church combines stone and glass with concept of nature, showing different views with the changing angle of sunshine. Its romantic and enchanting view makes it the most popular place for holding weddings in Japan.

That’s all my suggestion about weekend trips in Tokyo. If you wanna explore Tokyo area in day, you can try some nice travel apps like Tourank app, whose inbuilt tour map can show you nearby attractions, hotels and dining places, which will make sure you won’t miss any hidden secrets. BTW, you can also get related travel guides by one-click. And the Navitime app, which shows you the schedule and time table of Japan rail way, and even the Wi-Fi points in your area !

Have a good trip !

by Alexlovetravel

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