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Hiking Trails in Hakone

Hakone Hiking

Japan`s natural beauty and geoplogical gifts are sometimes overlooked because of the cultural and historical treasures this country has. Hakone is blessed with both and has many hiking trails that allow visitors to get in touch with nature, get active, explore, and enjoy great views. Hakone is an area protected as a quasi-national park and has many trails of differing challenge. The number and variety of trails located throughout the area make it a popular place to experience the outdoors while in Japan. Hakone has trails with views of Mt. Fuji, trails that lead to hidden mountain temples, trails that follow flowing rivers in deep ravines and much more. Here are some great trails in the area. For more information visit Hakone`s English Website http://www.hakone.or.jp/en/blog/3784

Hiking Trails in Hakone

Amidaji Mountain Temple
Time: 45min Difficulty: Medium
The Amidaji Temple is located in the mountains above Hakone-Yumoto Station. The easiest access point is from Tonosawa Station on the Hakone Tozan Line. This steep climb up the mountain will take you on weathered stairs that have been used by visitors, pilgrims, and followers for centuries. The temple itself is the setting for a number of famous stories in Japanese history. There is water and a toilet available. The temple trail is connected to the Hakone Outer Rim trail for those who have more time. This was also one part of the famous Oxfam Adventure Trek once held in Hakone.

Kintoki Fuji Views
Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Medium
Kintoki mountain is named after one of Japan`s most famous folktales, Kintaro. This is a wonderful trail because there are a number of areas along the trail linked to the famous boy in the folktales. From the top of the mountain is one of the best views of Mt. Fuji you can have in all of Japan. Also at the top is a small hut serving soba noodles, refreshments, and more. This hut has been run by the infamous “Kintoki Musume” for decades, a now elderly youthful woman who has made the trek up the mountain everyday for decades! This is a wonderful experience for so many reasons and easily accesible from the Sengokuhara area.

The Old Tokaido Road
Time: 4 hours Difficulty: Medium
The Tokaido Road was once Japan`s most important road, linking the political and administrative capitol of Tokyo with the cultural and imperial heart of Kyoto. During the day of the samurai, shogun would have been forced to live alternate years in Tokyo and made extravagent processions along the road as they made their way to and from Tokyo. The road was used by samurai, princesses, dignitaries, and now you. It is a walk through the past as you walk along the cobblestones of history. Hakone was known as the most challenging part of the Tokaido Road and this trail will take you from Hakone-Yumoto to the shores of Lake Ashi with lots to see along the way.

by Kintaro-man

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